Top 6 Lebanese Foods You Should Try For A Healthy Diet

Top 6 Lebanese Foods You Should Try For A Healthy Diet

Top 6 Lebanese Foods You Should Try For A Healthy Diet

You can easily bring a part of Lebanon to your kitchen by trying out some of the exotic dishes. The foods in the city are very popular and it has a huge number of followers across the globe. Moreover, you can make Lebanese foods like Kafta, Hummus, and many others in your kitchen.

The best thing about this food is that it is made with healthy ingredients. Therefore, if you are looking for delicious yet healthy cuisine, then Lebanese is the best choice. You could find all sorts of tastes like sweet, spicy, and tangy to most of the foods.

Top 6 Lebanese Foods You Should Try For A Healthy Diet
Top 6 Lebanese Foods You Should Try For A Healthy Diet

In addition, olive oil is the most common type of oil used in most foods. Therefore, one can be less prone to cardiovascular ailments. Further, it adds a bunch of vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, and spices on them which are beneficial to overall health.

Lebanese Foods To Try At Home

Lemon is widely used in Lebanese cuisine and you can enjoy its combination. Moreover, the cuisine helps in the overall metabolism of the body due to the nutrients involved in every ingredient. Similarly, garlic is added in most foods, which provides additional nutritional value to the foods.

So if you are ready to make some delicious and healthy Lebanese food, then check out the recipes to try at home.

1. Kafta

Kafka is nothing but the meatball which can be classified into three. To clarify, three types of kafta can be made using lamb, or beef, or chicken meatball. The onion, spices, parsley, and the meat is added which is then covered using breadcrumbs to get the crispiness. Further, they are skewed as a barbeque for a nice and crunchy kafta.

2. Hummus – Best Lebanese Foods

The hummus is one of the popular Middle East recipes which have the chickpea as its main ingredient. Consequently, Tahini also plays a major role in the taste of hummus and it enhances the overall taste. However, you can store the hummus in the jars and containers to use for a long time. In addition, this goes well with snacks as dipping and you can just eat the carrot sticks by dipping into the hummus.

3. Fattoush

If you wish a salad should be deep-fried, then this Fattoush is for you. These are very popular salads in Lebanese restaurants to prepare easily at home. Moreover, a wide variety of items such as the Arabian Pita bread which is the main component to provide crunchiness. Further, veggies, nuts, and spices are added to prepare this delicious salad.

4. Sfeeha

If you love pies, then Lebanese cuisine is famous for meat pies. Sfeeha is a meat pie that has an optimal meat-pie ratio. To clarify, the meat is not inside the flour mix and instead, they will be present at the center of the pie which is very appealing.

Top 6 Lebanese Foods You Should Try For A Healthy Diet
Top 6 Lebanese Foods You Should Try For A Healthy Diet

5. Rice Pilaf – Best Lebanese Foods

Rice is one of the staple foods used in Lebanese cuisine. This Rice Pilaf is the best Lebanese food you should try. In addition, it is easy to prepare at home with rice, vermicelli, and meat. Further, you need to add the fried vermicelli to the meat and then spice it up with different flavors to taste.

6. Manakish

It is a bread variety and is more suitable for spicy and delicious gravies of Lebanese. Moreover, Manakish has sesame seeds and thyme is spread on the bread and is considered as the ‘Lebanese Pizza’ for a reason. In addition, the vegetables and cheese are added to complete the finish.

To sum up, Lebanese foods are very popular and are easy to prepare at home. You should try to put these recipes and have fun at your home,

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