How to Make a Simple Mediterranean Pasta Salad -

How to Make a Simple Mediterranean Pasta Salad

Have you been searching high and low for a good Mediterranean pasta salad recipe that doesn’t include any items that might aggravate your gastrointestinal system? Are you sick and tired of using the same ingredients over again in order to find some differences? The good news is that there are many different variations on this theme. In fact, there are some ingredients that are only found in Mediterranean restaurants and are very difficult to find elsewhere.

Simple Mediterranean Pasta Salad

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For starters, there are two varieties of this simple Mediterranean pasta salad that can be used. One uses artichoke hearts, while the other uses other ingredients, mainly tomatoes, lettuce, and olive oil. This makes it a “must-have” recipe for those who are looking for something different than what is served at chain restaurants all the time. You can also find variations that use leftover pasta (also known as fettuccini) in place of the artichoke hearts, making for a delicious meal that isn’t too rich or salty.

Speaking of rich ingredients, there is no better way to top a simple Mediterranean pasta salad than with fresh arugula. Arugula is one of those foods from the Mediterranean that is absolutely delicious, whether it is grilled, sauteed, boiled, or even broiled. The sweet, nutty flavor of the arugula mixed with the slightly spicy olive oil that is often added results in an almost unbearable combination of flavors. You can find recipes using just about anything that you like, though I tend to stick to the basics whenever possible.

Variation On Ingredients

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Another variation on this theme is using chopped radicchio and broccoli to create a salad that is light and healthy without being heavy. You will have to experiment a bit to find exactly the right combination, but once you have the basic idea in your head, you should be able to get right to business. You could easily use this as the base of a more complex salad or even make it the basis of a complete meal by adding some pita bread and some other light and tasty ingredients. Pairing this with another light and flavorful ingredient, such as grape slices, would create a simple Mediterranean pasta salad that is unique and delicious for backyard get-togethers.

When it comes to actual pasta, the most common items that you will need to include are elbow potatoes, whole grain penne pasta, chopped scallions, green onions, garlic, olives, and a little water or stock to soak up the flavors. You should combine all of these ingredients, stir them together, cover for at least 10 minutes so all of the flavors can meld properly, and then serve with your favorite type of salad dressing. In my case, I prefer a simple vinegary vinaigrette. You can find recipes using vinegar as well as different types of mustard and ketchup as well, but I personally prefer the vinegar for its flavoring and the taste.

Things To Consider

Now, for your pasta salad dressing ingredients. You want to start off with some tomatoes, capers, onions, olives, cucumber, basil, parsley, and olive oil. All of these items should be combined in a large bowl, mixed thoroughly, and then topped off with some lemon juice for additional taste. Once you have finished this step, it is simply a matter of rinsing and then drizzling this mixture over your baked potato and any other vegetables that you would like to eat with it.

The last step that you will need to complete is to combine your homemade pasta and salad mix with some additional virgin olive oil and lemon juice and then either drizzle it over your pasta or add it to a large bowl of soup or stew. I usually like to add a spoonful at a time so that I do not overdo it. This way, it does not become overly oily. You can also add additional items as well, such as some chopped fresh herbs, bell pepper, and/or cilantro, to the mix for even more flavor.

Bottom Line

Now you are finally ready to assemble your pasta salad. Basically, all you have to do is to add in all your desired ingredients and mix them together until they become smooth. Then it is simply a matter of drizzling this mixture over your whole meal or your favorite main dish. As you can see, it really is quite simple, and the steps are very easy to follow. And now that you know how to make it, you can easily make this yourself without having to go out to a restaurant!

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