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5 Lebanese Spicy Food Things You Should Know

5 Lebanese Spicy Food Things You Should Know

When you taste a Lebanese or Arab food for the first time, you will be surprised to enjoy its taste. To clarify, everything will be added in the right amounts and therefore, you cannot find any mistake. You may know that spicy food of this cuisine is delicious and makes us addicted to taste them again.

The foremost reason for this taste is the proportionate addition of most herbs and spices. In addition, these spices add flavor and subtle taste to the dish. Further, if you miss out on any of the herbs while preparing at home, you will be disappointed as all the spices are equally important.

5 Lebanese Spicy Food Things You Should Know
5 Lebanese Spicy Food Things You Should Know

In other words, missing out on a single spice from a recipe will make the difference. In addition to the traditional spices like salt, pepper, oregano, garlic, and so on, there are some specifics of Arab cuisine. If they are not added, then you cannot enjoy the best cuisine in this world.

Spicy Food In Middle-East

The ultimate reason behind the group of people using the best spices to their food is that they are active traders. To clarify, the Silk Road which is the wholesale supply line lies across the Mediterranean from China. Therefore you can find a beautiful blend of Asian and Continental cuisines over the Mediterranean. Here are the top spices of Middle East nations you should know.

1. Baharat Or Lebanese Seven Spices – Best Reason For Spicy Food

Baharat is an Arabic version of ‘seven spices’ which is used in most of the foods of that area. However, it is a combination of different spices from different regions which are added in a proportionate amount in most foods. These popular seven spices include black pepper, allspice, nutmeg, clove, cinnamon, fenugreek, and ginger. Further, it provides a taste burst to the tongues from the food mixed with the ingredients.

2. Best Use Of Cardamom

The use of cardamom to the food is very crucial in Mediterranean food and if it is not added perfectly, then it would be a disaster. Moreover, cardamom has a unique taste, flavor, and spicy-sweet. For instance, this is used in most dishes where chicken is used. This is an unbeatable combination as the flavor t the cardamom blends well with the Mediterranean chicken recipes. 

3. Dried Green Mint Leaves

Mint is used generally in our kitchen because of its therapeutic and anti-inflammatory properties. In most Lebanese salads, lemonade, and Mediterranean foods, green mint dried leaves are used. Consequently, it enhances the overall look of the platter and also enriches the flavor of the original food.

5 Lebanese Spicy Food Things You Should Know
5 Lebanese Spicy Food Things You Should Know

4. Caraway- Best Reason For Spicy Food

Caraway is one of the spices that add a subtly sweet and spicy taste to the food. Moreover, you can find this is used in most North African and Mediterranean cuisine for enhancing the taste and flavors. However, this is one of the most important ingredients added to the baking bread foods that add taste and nutritional value to them.

5. Zaatar

This is a mixture of top different spices such as oregano, thyme, sesame seeds which are toasted, and marjoram. They are mostly used in salads, over pita bread, chicken foods, and so on. In short, it adds the extra flavor which is rich in aroma and taste.

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